KAS Certification Accreditations
2006/95 EEC Building Materials Training  
Duration: 1 day
Time:        09:30 - 18:00
Participants in 2006/95 EEC directives in the scope of the directive regarding the scope of the general conditions and products related to the CE testing and certification work on the basic and pattern trained by this directive on will work with staff certified products to the certification bodies in general terms the standard of practices by giving them to introduce and that the accreditation will work to provide basic information to auditors.
Who Should Attend?
Enterprise productions, R & D Quality control department will be tasked with LVD directives, test and review the requirements as workers.
Course Content
  •  CE Conformity Assessment
  •  Compliance with building materials confirming Systems
  •  Approved for CE Certification Organizations
  •  Market Surveillance and Inspection
  •  Technical File
  •  Harmonized Standards
  •  Internal production control
  •  Modules and Required Conditions
  •  Product Groups
  •  Products outside the Scope of Regulation
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