KAS Certification Accreditations


According to these standarts, A certificate is determined for each product which is appropriate for Islamic criteria and human necessity. It is taken as a goal that both producers and consumers meet common purpose.

As it is known, that food is bougth and sold very hard both in internal and in abroad. Both suppliers and Muslim costumers wonder that the foods ,comsumed by them, are halal or not. And when they sell, they  prefer food which has halal certificate. The producers who export trade is started to be wanted Halal Certificate. This certificate show safe halal food and also is used as producers’ marketing method. Anyway the campanies which buy food from internal and abroad, want that producers must have Halal certificate.

-Product process from raw meterial to finished goods and compostion of all matters in product, additives’ source and how to assurance must be appropriate for Islamic criteria and human necessity. It is very important that Halal Certificate is authentic in all over the word.

-Meterials of Product Packaging  and storing conditions is appropriate for Islamic criteria and human necessity, it is provided that good manufacturing practise,good hygiene practice and HACCP conditions.

Halal Certificate, which is taken certificate the certification body that is member of World Halal Council,WHC,  is authentic in all over the word. KAS Certification make audits and certificates with Islamic Food Research Center, IFRC , whose centre is in Malaysia. Also these certificates is certified by WHC and They are HALAL CERTIFICATEs which is authentic in all over the word.


-Halal certificate furnishes services that audit products, additives, preparation and processing methods, cleaning and healthy conditions in strictly safety regulations.

-It is audited by a key auditor who is appropriate for HACCP, ISO and other quality and safety regulations, follows adaptation of new technology and additive, receives training about HALAL,
-It is provided that products and producers are known by Global Islam,
-It is given support for expo which are organized in different countries.
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