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Course Content:
    • Environmental development and general information,
    • The development of Environmental Management Standards and the history of its current situation,
    • The main elements of the CYS Standard and its connection to the KYS Standards,
    • Environmental legislation with Control of Hazardous substances and Eco-Marking,
    • International Environmental laws, Regional and Local legislation,
    • Identify environmental methods for identifying significant Environmental impacts,
    • Management and performance monitoring of business activities,
    • Management to ensure actions taken for continuous improvement are carried out,
    • Explanations for the purpose and objectives of their programs,
    • A description of the documentation process.

Top and middle management, engineers, experts, quality and environmental responsible

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Internal Survey Training

Course Content:
    • Interpreting the TS-EN ISO 14001 Standard as a Survey Officer
    • TS-EN Introduction to ISO 19001 Standard
    • Study types
    • Benefits of the Study
    • Your test Management
    • Planning the study
    • Preparing question lists
    • Concluding the Study and Report Writing
    • Study Officer Responsibilities
    • Practical and Sample Studies
    • Exam and Evaluation

Top and middle management, engineers, experts, quality, and environmental personnel.

ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Head Survey Training (IRCA registered)

Course Content:
    • Environmental Definitions, types of Audit, Assessment of Environmental Management Systems,
    • The Role of Documentation organizations,
    • Quality Management Principles,
    • Analysis of ISO 14001,
    • Environmental impact assessment analyses,
    • System Documentation Requirements,
    • Quality Manual work,
    • Quality System Audit Preparation,
    • Preparation and Planning,
    • Document Review,
    • Review and Review of the Scope,
    • Audit Planning Study,
    • Question List Study,
    • The role and Responsibilities of the Auditor,
    • Determining and Reporting Inconsistencies in accordance with the provisions of the ISO 14001
    • Standard,
    • Writing non-conformity Reports,
    • Classification of Incompatibilities,
    • Gathering and summarizing audit findings in the Audit Report and recommendations
    • Exam
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System those who want to be Auditors/Supervisors, all employees who want to build and maintain ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in their companies, want to supervise ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in their companies.

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