KAS Certification Accreditations

Product Quality and System Safety from Farm to Fork in Agriculture and Food Sector

Healthy life is a fundamental need and right for a human being. Food products are primary factors affecting our health very easily.

Consumers get more aware of the importance put on the food’s and drinks’ quality, hygiene and safety they consume every day.

Therefore food safety is a definite demand by consumer and manufacturers are completely responsible from food safety. 

Throughout the world, food safety gains greater importance recently and becomes a global concern. Consumer has been more aware about food safety and chooses reliable manufacturers.

Assuring quality and safety is a basic key for the competition among food manufacturers and for the continuity of brands, food manufacturers and companies.

For this reason food safety is a main requirement for food chain members from farmers to machinery-in contact with food- manufacturers, from all kind of food producers to packaging, retailers, distributors, warehouse and delivery.

kascert food quality Food safety is an unavoidable aspect for restaurants, catering companies, packaging,equipment and chemical producers, pest control, cleaning, delivery and logictics and for all service providers aimed to protect their competitiveness in the sector. It is a requirement for an organization  to comply with a Food Safety Standard in accordance with international standards if continuous conformity of product safety and production hygiene are desired

kascert food quality KAS INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION;  provides audit, sertification and training services to agriculture, food and catering industry. KAS Certification audits and certifies a wide range of  food and agricultural industry organization’s management systems and product safety according to international CAC, HACCP Principles,ISO 22000 (FSMS) , GHP and EUREPGAP standards.

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