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What is Inspection?
Inspection, stipulated in the sales contract of the delivery of a commodity to the buyer;
•   Quantity,
•   Quality,
•   Packaging,
•   Labeling,
•   Loading,
•   Transport,
•   Delivery time, etc.
It is the determination of the performance in accordance with the conditions by an authorized " Inspection COMPANY " by the buyer or seller. KAS Certification is an organization authorized by the Ministry of Commerce as an INTERNATIONAL SUPERVISION COMPANY . It provides great benefits and conveniences by providing reliable services to buyers and sellers in trade with independent and impartial Inspection, audit and reporting services in accordance with the legislation.

Benefits of Inspection:
•   Before and / or after the shipment of the goods requested by the buyer; Determining to what extent the said good meets the conditions stipulated in the contract and / or standard by the importer and / or exporter
•   To be able to prevent future disputes between the parties and the damages that may arise as a result,
•   It provides important advantages to exporters and importers in terms of making new price adjustments when necessary.

Inspection Certificate:
It is a document issued as a result of the Inspection performed by the International Inspection Company for the purpose of checking compliance with the terms of the agreement between the buyer and the seller of the goods subject to trade. In other words, it is the document that the buyer and / or seller determines that the delivery of a commodity subject to the trade to the buyer is carried out in accordance with the conditions such as the quantity, quality, packaging, labeling, loading, transportation, delivery time specified in the sales contract or its annex.

What is a Inspection Company?
These are companies that have been granted the status of INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION COMPANY by checking their qualifications and competencies in order to comply with the standardization and legislation in international trade by the General Directorate of Product Safety and Inspection of the Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry audits these companies for compliance with the criteria determined in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation. In cases where measurement and analysis are required as required by international commercial rules, legislation, sales contract or letters of credit,
Performs quality control and measurement procedures regarding the properties required for the commodity (finished / semi-finished product), - Issuing reports on these transactions, - Establishing and operating all kinds of laboratories to carry out these processes, As a result of all these, they are neutral organizations that provide coordination in import and export transactions.

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