KAS Certification Accreditations

Certification Steps

Quotation Request and Free Quotation  When your quotation request reaches us and your application is completed, your information is examined and a free quotation is prepared special to you. Until the quotation is signed and the agreement containing certification terms reach us, no fees are charged at your balance. After this step, a pre-audit date is determined by communicating with you and an auditor for your project is assigned for further process.

Pre-Audit Visit  Pre-audit at your organization is a guideline to plan the certification audit and it enables to inspect company-specific documents and to solve the problems together with your personnel. 

Certification Audit  Certification audit measures your Quality Management System’s effectiveness in managing quality requirements, products, processes and services in your company. Audit is performed with your personnel, evidenc and results are discussed in details.  Audit report prepared at the end of audit is submitted to the information of company representative. Necessary corrective actions are discussed at the end of adit and if required, a case-plan is prepared including surveillance visits.

Certificate Approval and Surveillance  If your Quality Management System is found in compliance with CE standard, an approval certificate with 3 years validity is issued. Quality Management System continuity is monitored by annual surveillance audits till the end of validity expires.  Surveillance audits are planned in accordance with your company needs. Re-evaluaion audit is required fort he evaluation of your quality system after 3 years. After a successfull re-certification audit, validity period of your certificate is extended for 3  more years.

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