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Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Services
When quality is mentioned, the quality of products and services is generally understood. However, there are many factors that reveal the quality of products and services such as leadership quality, management quality, human quality, system quality, process quality, and hardware quality. Each of these is a dimension of quality. Experts mainly state that the quality of products and services is a result and that the cornerstones that constitute this quality are hardware, code of practice and human resources. In total quality management, human quality is the foundation of everything. In this parallel, the broadest meaning is quality, job quality, service quality, communication quality, process quality, quality of employees, system quality, company quality and quality of targets.

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When people are so important in terms of quality, the health and safety of employees is also very important. Occupational safety is a study aimed at eliminating long- and short-term health problems of employees. Prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases arising from working environments is controlled by various legal regulations and international standards.
Finally, the deterioration of the ecological balance and climate changes and the environmental problems that make you feel more are the responsibility of all enterprises, not just government agencies. Everyone must do their part to leave a more liveable earth for future generations.
Our company provides quality, health, safety, and environmental services within the scope of industrial production measurement, testing and analysis to enterprises operating in different sectors with a strong technological infrastructure and a trained and experienced expert staff. Here are the main services:
    • Certification of integrated management systems
    • ISO 9001:2015 revision
    • Certification of service quality
    • ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System certification
    • ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification
    • Occupational health and safety management
    • Workplace and industrial hygiene
    • Environmental protection
    • Product safety
    • Operation safety
    • Sustainability
    • Risk assessment and management
    • Functional safety
    • Mandatory and optional surveillance

Project Management & Logistics Services
The project is a set of activities organized to achieve predetermined goals. When project management is mentioned, it is stated to plan, control, and manage resources such as people, tools, and materials to bring a project to life in the most effective way, based on limited time, cost and technical situations. Successfully managed projects are projects that fulfil the promised functions, are delivered at the time requested by the customer, even beforehand, and are carried out within the specified budget.

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With proper project management, people, equipment, materials, money, and information are used effectively, performance is ensured at affordable cost, time and expected quality, business objectives are achieved in a timely manner and the business is protected against changing social, economic, political and technical conditions.
Effective project management goes through processes such as determining the purpose of the project, determining the necessary resources and time, organizing the project, determining the project manager and those who will take part in the project, making job descriptions and preparing the budget.
Our company provides many services in project management within the scope of industrial production measurement, testing and analysis to enterprises operating in different sectors with a strong technological infrastructure and a trained and experienced expert staff. Here are the main services:

    • Process acceleration services
    • Project tracking services
    • Construction control services
    • Functional safety services
    • Design review and inspection services
    • Management systems and certification (such as difference analysis audit, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 50001 Energy Management System, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System)
    • Technical personnel services
    • Project management services
    • Industrial projects in Russia (such as measurement approval certificate and regulatory compliance project management)
    • Mandatory and voluntary supervision (such as in-service observations, oversight and technical support during transfer work, and risk-based inspections)
Logistics Services When logistics is mentioned, it is desirable to explain all planning, organization, transportation, and management activities carried out for the purpose of supplying goods and services. In one study, the weights of activities affecting the cost of logistics are determined as follows:
• Shipping (25 percent)
• Storage (20 percent)
• Financing (16 percent)
• Packaging (10 percent)
• Administrative expenses (18 percent)
• Other expenses (11 percent)
The most important activity here is shipping.
When viewed on a sector-by-sector basis, logistics costs account for a significant portion of product sales costs (food 35 percent, metal 26 percent, chemistry 24 percent, paper 16 percent, textiles 15 percent, automotive 14 percent, and average 21 percent).
In today's world, input supply and marketing have become globalized, and logistics services, especially transportation, storage activities and supply management, have been a very decisive factor in foreign trade. As logistics opportunities have improved, foreign trade has become easier and competitive.
According to the World Bank logistics performance index, our country ranks 27th out of 5 with a score of 3.51. The top five include Singapore, Hong Kong, Finland, Germany, and Holland.
With a strong technological infrastructure and a trained and experienced staff of expert employees, our company provides many services to businesses operating in different sectors in the scope of industrial production measurement, testing and analysis. Here are the main services:
• Pre-shipment inspection
• Freight and ship services (such as fuel inspection and technical status assessment, cargo quantity determination, draft survey, ship warehouse inspections, inventory area inventory measurement and visual inspection)
• Commercial analysis (such as loading port pre-shipment checks, agreement of parties and arbitrator determination and scrap metal analysis)
• Mobile laboratory services
• Import and export certification services
• Air load packaging and hazardous material transportation services
• Supply chain security (such as inspection, safety audits, ISO 28000 supply chain safety management system and TAPA FSR transport safety requirements according to customer specific criteria)
• Loading and evacuation surveillance services

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Services for Production and Products Businesses attach more importance than ever to production methods and product quality to be at the forefront of their struggles with competitors and to increase their productivity. Creating customer satisfaction and achieving sustainable success in the globalized market is made possible by enterprises complying with the standards in their products and services and proving it.
In this respect, measurement, testing, analysis, inspection, inspection and evaluation services for production and products provided by advanced laboratories give global power to enterprises.
Our company provides many services for production and products within the scope of industrial production measurement, testing and analysis to enterprises operating in different sectors with a strong technological infrastructure and a trained and experienced expert staff. Here are the main services:
    • Material tests (such as coating and paint control and error analysis, mechanical tests, metal tests, metal testing of garbage incinerator sub-ash, non-destructive inspection, polymer testing and monitoring of oil condition)
    • Material analytical tests (such as chemical tests, scanning electron microscope, mobile laboratory, process minerology, reference product services and specific weight and stack density)
    • Product certification (such as CE marking, explosion resistance certification, crane, upgrade and lifting equipment inspection, power plant certification services, pressure equipment certification, elevator certification, machine certification EMC directive, machine certification EMC Tests, machine certification CB test certificate, EAC Eurasian Union conformity certificate services and visual quality control)
    • Technical documentation (S1000D standard)
    • Metallurgical and process design (such as flowchart development, scaled-up inspection and experimentation, custom project design, pilot plant inspections, rheology and slur flow, process control and optimization, electronic recycling, arsenic stabilization, bacterial lychee and solvent and electrolytic extraction)
    • On-site and operational support (such as commissioning assembly services, commissioning equipment calibration and maintenance, asset integrity management services, energy optimization, process control and optimization, asset management, troubleshooting and recovery and process control)
    • Quality control (such as factory acceptance tests, IRIS certification, production supervision and technical supervision, shelving systems inspection and remote inspection)
    • Process acceleration
    • Technical expertise
    • Pipeline integrity services
    • Pipeline integrity welder qualification services
    • Mandatory and optional surveillance
    • Failure and damage analysis
    • Supplier evaluation and audit services

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