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Corruption and bribery are one of the world's toughest problems. However, despite efforts to combat corruption at the national and international levels, corruption remains a major problem. Being aware of this problem, the International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) has developed a standard to help organizations fight corruption, by determining the requirements to reduce or eliminate the effects of risks related to corruption. According to this standard, organizations create, implement and maintain a management system.

Purpose of TS ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption Management System
The purpose of this standard, which was created with ISO, Turkish Standards Institute, 165 members and national standards bodies, is to ensure that organizations fight against corruption / bribery, are prepared for risks related to corruption, take action and create an ethical business culture, implementation and continuity. to help provide. The TS ISO 37001 standard is an Anti-Bribery / Anti-corruption Management System standard designed to help organizations prevent, detect and address bribery / corruption. The system promotes the adoption and development of both a culture of transparency and a culture of integrity and ethical values, and the taking and expanding of effective measures to prevent and resolve corruption / bribery related risks / problems. Besides, internal processes of the enterprises.

What are the benefits of TS ISO 37001?
TS ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption Management System provides benefits to organizations in the matters specified in the following articles;
•   Creating, implementing, reviewing, updating, developing anti-corruption / anti-bribery management programs,
•   To stakeholders, to ensure that the organization follows internationally accepted processes to prevent bribery and corruption,
•   To ensure that the organization gives confidence to all relevant parties,
•   To protect the image / reputation of the organization in the market and to establish trust,
•   It aims to minimize the possibility of financial penalties, financial losses and other costs.

TS ISO 37001 is a flexible tool that can be adapted to the corruption / bribery risks your organization faces according to its size and nature. The standard can be used in a wide variety of areas in any country, including;
•   In all large, medium and small scale organizations,
•   In all sectors on a voluntary basis, without distinction between public and private,

In addition, the Anti-Corruption Management System has the ability to integrate with quality, environment, OHS or other management systems owned by a company.

Recently prominent Anti-Corruption Management Training TS ISO 37001: 2016 trainings are open to general participation and can be organized specifically for your organization.
(In this case, you can buy per person training much cheaper.) The number of participants is the same up to 24 people.

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