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Customer Complaints Management (CCM). Each management system has been installed on the PDCA cycle, first requires a written policy. After planning, commitment contains openness, communication, privacy, authority and responsibilities.
Management must allocate the necessary resources for CCM. These are labor force, education, finance, materials, computer hardware and software, communications equipment, room etc.
While determining the necessary resource, it is important to consider respites, amount and complexity of complaints, possible seasonal fluctuations, advertising, awarding, third-party checks, mystery shoppers spending.
Normally, complaints must be done within the company. Sometimes the customer closes the dialog and does not want to cooperate. Overseas customers can not communicate their complaints or they can not follow their complaints because they can have different language, unknown legal regulations, costs, absence of some associations that can provide solutions, time subjects. Arbitration is a method of a compromise that can be applied.

CCM can be honest for faultfinder and person charged. So, the procedures in this regard:
Open: Announced well, attainable and taped by concerned.
Neutral: CCM should not be prejudiced about the organization's employees or customers.
Full: All relevant information will be obtained, or even should be verified.
Equal: Equal cases should be available on an equal behavior.
Sensitive: It must be sensitive to individual differences and needs.
Employees against the principle of neutrality exacts to employee as neutral. This is related to their performance, to immediately and fully informed, to be given the opportunity to explain its role, requires knowledge of subject how progress and that resulted in. It can provide security to find the cause of the complaint and personnel will be supported.
Evaluation of complaints and disciplinary procedures are different. For complex complaints it is hard to classify these. Two separate procedures delay the company's business will generate market share, customer loyalty can lead to loss.
Organizations must be careful to protect confidentiality. On the one hand the customer, other hand employees and those who do research on non-compliance privacy must be protected. The subjects about the flash on the press can be used nameless.
For equality and accuracy of monitoring, random selection on a regular basis can be asked about the satisfaction.
Provide feedback to the customer complaint rate depends the company's culture and environment that severity and seriousness of the event. There must be definite authorization and responsibilities in this subject. Sharing progress report with customers is a good application for complaints to be resolved in the long run.

Organizations can measure taking into CCM performance exceptions. Some performance criteria:
a) Achieve the targets, training needs are met,
b )What does employees think about the organization’s CCM?
c) Received authority from upper management,
d) Staff at first contact’s authority,
e) CCM policy's application level,
f) CCM survey results,
g) Solution time.

Moreover organizations can trace:
a) The number of complaints,
b) Immediately taped,
c) The wrong priorities,
d) how long time to resolve,
e) repeated complaints,
g) Customer's solution offers.
Organizations can make analysis according to location, age, consumer profile, social-economic status, time groups. Purpose is development of the system.
Feedback time shortness doesn’t show customer’s satisfaction level
CCM should survey adequacy, application and effectiveness in terms like all kinds of management systems. CCM should show examination improvement opportunities. These are not mentioned in this article, because generally this web page visitors know internal audit.

ISO 10002:2018 Customer Satisfaction - Customer Complaint Management to a New Perspective

Revised in 2018 , which are currently implemented the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard had entered our lives with several important innovations. At this moment, revision works started again and in 2018 will be broadcast in its new format of the ISO 9001:2015 brought significant improvements; process approach, continuous improvement and customer focus. At this article, we will stress out the customer focus and ISO 10002:2018 Standard.

Customer Focus
What does it mean to be customer focused? What activities should be fulfilled at our organization for customers focused? How should we communicate with our customers? Customer focus, basis of the ISO 9001:2015 standard is one of the most important management principles. About these questions, there are 3 steps answers to ISO 9001:2015 standard; first, our customer expectations, to apply a method that enables us to understand their demands.
Second, to have an infrastructure that enables us to meet our customer’s wishes and demands.
Third;  to evaluate their perceptions against us at relationship with our customers.
Fourth; we must establish mutual communication with our customers for determine their satisfaction level against our quality of services.
Why Customer Satisfaction?
According to research, a satisfied customer shares own satisfaction with 5 other people; not satisfied customer shares own dissatisfaction with 9 other people and this is a negative presentation. 98 percent of dissatisfied don’t explain their problems, at the same time they search alternative suppliers. Nobody have the luxury of losing customers at this time it is very intense competitive conditions.

ISO 10002:2018
The new standard created for companies who care about customer’s opinion. This standard published in the name of “ ISO 10002:2018 Quality Management - Customer Satisfaction - to handle customer complaints at organizations” in 06.07.2004 by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).What does the new standard bring? What is the difference? What does the organizations gain? According to ISO 10002; there should have been areas of improvement, this is very important so increase the number of loyal customers.
ISO 10002:2018 Standard’s Basic Stones
ISO 10002:2004 Standard involves; doing highlights about CCM and putting targets parallel with the politics. At next step, creation and implementation of a detailed CCM is required.

Compliance with ISO 9001 Standard
ISO 10002 Standard confronts with ISO 9001. ISO 10002 systemcan be founded alone, can be go along with ISO 9001. If an organization’s customer complains management process running, there should be certifications with ISO 9001 examination and ISO 10002 requirements. Finally, ISO 10002 standard is a good way to show our customers that we care about them, to indicate that our CCM is at upper level than other organizations, to create a perfect customer relations, to improve employees awareness and  draw attention about the customer complaints management.

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