KAS Certification Accreditations

GOST-R (Russia)

For any kind of goods, which are imported from other countries or produced in Russia, are the subject of certification according to the Russian Legislation.

For exported goods, these Certificates are necessary among custom documentation on Russian Customs. Most of the imported goods pass through customs by means of single delivery certificates which are obtained after arrival of the subject delivery. If the manufacturer has certificates for 3 years-serial production, there is no need repeately obtain any certificate, an approved copy of these certificate is enough to realize this mission.

For the domestic market, all the wholesalers and retailers are obliged to submit these certificates when they are asked by their clients and governmental inspectors. This is an another reason the necessity to have these certificates for commercial bodies. Even there is no right advertising for some goods if they have no certificates.

For any ordinary consumer in the Russian market, certified goods are more reliable than the others. To increase the sales depend on certified products directly.

GOST Certificates concern following product groups :

  • Foodstuff and Packing

  • Electronics (Partially)

  • Cosmetics

  • Toys

  • Textile Products

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Mechanical & Electro-mechanical Equipment

  • Industrial Equipment, machinery

  • Construction Materials

  • Oil & Gas Industry

To get the full list of products which are subject to mandatory Certification, please contact with us.

For construction business and industrial factories, any installation are subject of certification to get licenses for use this application.

Because of these main reasons, all over the world, the manufacturer-exporters to the Russia should obtain these certificates.

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