ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System Foundation Course
This interactive two day course provides an introduction to information security management systems (ISMSs) as set out in ISO/IEC 27001 (formerly ISO/IEC 17799 / BS 7799). Information security covers many issues, from copyright to internet security, and the proprietary information that an organization has is now recognized as one of its main assets. Ensuring the security of this information is thus a primary responsibility of senior executives in preserving the value of the organization.
Key Session Topics
You will hear about the latest developments in this fast-moving field, including:
    * A summary of the problems that you have to guard against;
    * The recommendations of the ISMS
    * The relationship of legislation (such as the Data Protection Act) and information security systems;
    * The problems of web-based access to your systems;
    * The current status of accreditation and certification against the standards.
    * You will receive practical checklists enabling you to undertake a survey of your own organization and determine if you have significant weaknesses that should be addressed.
    * On completion of the course, you will have an appreciation of the technical problems likely to be encountered in implementing information security management systems.
Who Should Attend
    * Those responsible for managing information security.
    * Those who wish to assess if they should obtain certification to the Standard.
    * Those who wish to obtain an overview of the potential threats to their operations due to the loss of information.
    * Senior managers involved in the outcome of ISMS audits.
Course Techniques
An introduction to the subject is given through tutorials and interactive workshop sessions. Specific time is allocated to allow you to raise questions relating to your own organization for discussion in open forum.
Reference material is available to take away.
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